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However who can blame them for that? Of all the sea creatures, the octopus is probably the smartest, blue whales are the biggest, and goldfish are neither. However to be reasonable to the bad little person, he's pretty adorable for his size, and he's not as dumb and absent-minded as you may have heard.

They can even inform time. In laboratory tests they could be conditioned to press a lever for food at approximately the same time each day. That 3-month memory is much longer than 7 seconds. They need a reasonably long-term memory in order to find and recall food sources and prevent the hideouts of their predators.

Duck quacks, honks, yelps and squeaks do echo. Possibly this myth arose from the landscape of duck ponds. When a duck quacks from a low-lying duck pond, in a flat landscape, there's absolutely nothing for the sound waves to echo against. And even if there were some hills and mountains nearby, the quacks might be too faint to produce an audible echo.

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Duck quacks have no special sonic quality to avoid echoing. You can check this yourself. Get a duck and take it inside a health club. As it squirms and gushes a list of squeaky profanities, you'll hear the gym filled with resonant quacking. A lot of birds have a poor sense of odor and wouldn't understand the distinction.

If you discover a child bird on the ground, it is most likely discovering to fly and should not be touched anyway. Possibly this misconception about baby birds occurred when well-meaning kids attempted to help fallen baby birds back into their nests, or attempted to pet infant birds that aren't yet strong enough to manage their awkward touch.

Overall, mother birds are a lot more faithful to their children than this myth suggests. Life expectancies in the animal kingdom, even within a types, can vary widely. Our typical life expectancy currently ranges from about 49 years in Swaziland to about 82 years in Japan. The world average, in 2010 was 67.2 years (for information see the CIA World-Factbook).

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The earliest canines split 29 years, and the oldest feline broke 38 years. While our undesirable buzzing visitors, the typical houseflies, don't average almost as long a lifespan as our's, they can measure up to a month. This myth probably mistakes the housefly for the mayfly, which, depending on the types, may have a life expectancy in between 5 minutes and 24 hours.

Being large birds with little heads, it might look like they are concealing their heads whenever they bend down for food or nose through a small hollow for roots and seeds. So what do ostriches do when scared? They can run pretty fast, up to 31 mph. For comparison, the top speed clocked for any human is 28 miles per hour.

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But if that does not work, ostriches have actually been known to react like opossums by tumbling to the ground and playing dead. It's not the most interesting defense mechanism, but apparently it works. The theory is that when a wedded couple strolls the onslaught of tossed rice, the ground is left covered in dry rice.

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The rice broadens in the bird's stomachs. Kaboom! The birds explode, or just rupture internally. This theory doesn't work. The temperature inside the bird never ever fumes enough to prepare and swell the rice. If you've ever cooked rice, you may keep in mind how the rice simply sits at the bottom of the water pot till you raise the temperature level enough to begin preparing the rice.

Pet mouths are no cleaner, and remain in fact, much dirtier than human mouths. Dogs are known to transmit rabies, tetanus, pasteurela and most any other contagious disease. Pet dog mouths are brimming with germs because they eat and lick all sorts of gross things like garbage, carcasses, and obviously, poop.

A pet's mouth functions as its hands, its washcloth, its toilet paper and so on. Next time you wish to let your dog lick your face, remember where that mouth has been. Dog mouths are very dirty. Okay, I know we said "25 Science Myths" but here's one more.

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Opossums (Didelphimorphia), not to be confused with Australian possums (Phalangeridae), are the most typical marsupials in the Western Hemisphere and in North America. These curious little marsupials have some pretty extraordinary capabilities, but sleeping upside down while hanging from their tails isn't one of them. They have practically overall immunity to snake venom and rabies.

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They are exceptional at controlling garden bugs. They have a variety of defense reaction beyond the most well-known tactic of playing dead. They are terrific climbers, too, because of the opposable thumbs on their hindlimbs and their strong tails. Infant opossums are able to hang for a minute by their tails but just for a moment.

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